Thursday, May 24, 2012

11 Tools - Tool 2

I feel more comfortable commenting on teachers blogs from my own campus at this point.  I would have enjoyed leaving more comments if the captia didn't require me to enter two very illegible "words"every time.

I currently follow MindShift ...this blog has many interesting articles about new tech in the classroom and philosophies.

I will also start following Ms. Seelbachs Science blog Mrs. Seelbach's Science Class and Ms. Gottlieb's Language Arts blog Ms. Gottlieb's Great Readers.  I think it's very helpful to see what other teachers are doing in other content areas and how we can connect them in our specific content area.

11 Tools - Tool 1

is DONE!  Setting up the blog was very easy with the help of Mr. Rivera!  I enjoyed picking out the background and playing with different fonts.