Wednesday, July 25, 2012

11 Tools - Tool 9

Technology is important to incorporate - students use technology outside of school all of the time. I have used several of these methods in my class and I know that there are definite benefits - student engagement is increased and math's real world relevance is increased.

The technology pieces in use in the classroom should not be considered any different than other tools for learning. Students are always accountable for these tools, whether they be rulers, manipulatives or iPads. For students accountability, a reflection will be required detailing what they learned at each station and which was their favorite and why.

I've used and will continue to do so. At times, I've also used For this next year, I plan on using and ManipulaMath. These sites allow teachers to reach ALL learners.

For the iPods/iPads, I would like students to use the ShowMe app. They will also be creating podcast explaining their solution to a problem or creating their own problem for the class.

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